The TRMTAB collections combine clever design, quality and pride through factory craftsmanship

The fashion industry has seen many emerging trends recently. Sustainably made. Ethically made. Slow fashion. Transparency. Green. The list goes on. TRMTAB adds a new and refreshing lens to an old and persistent problem-- the problem of environmental destruction through our current production methods. Collaborating with Cassandra Michel, TRMTAB aims to tackle the fashion manufacturing system through small changes.

Collaborating with a leather factory in India, Cassandra and Mansi noticed over 4,000 lbs of production waste going into landfills. Instead of overlooking the issue, TRMTAB worked with the factory craftsmen to transform the waste into cleverly designed, refined leather goods for your tech devices. The leather scraps are stitched and woven to efficiently utilize the waste and create a unique blend of color shades, textures and grains giving each product within the collection its own personality.

TRMTAB launched on Kickstarter, on May 27, 2014. The campaign successfully raised $26,602 to bring our first collection to life. Since then, we've launched Otto, our second collection in collaboration with Skinny Vinny.

The Otto Collection