Project being heard

A collection of anonymous stories, by women, of childhood sexual abuse & its effects



Project Being Heard is an anonymous collection of women's stories of childhood sexual abuse - especially for women who have experienced abuse by someone they or their families trusted. The project seeks to understand how experiences of abuse show up in survivors' adult lives: how they are dealing with it, struggling with it, and living with it in the present day.  The project is not an attempt towards therapy, quick fixes or solutions. It is an opportunity for us to be seen, heard and believed.

WHO Participates

At this time, we are inviting women, over 21 years of age, who have experienced non-consensual sexual contact as children, to participate and share their stories. If you are interested in participating, please sign up here


During moments with close friends, I realised the increasing frequency of conversation (and my interest) around childhood sexual abuse. Most of the conversations were about how effects of the abuse (re)surface during adult years & how many of the stories have never ever been told, kept deep inside. The project will also serve as a safe space for these stories to be shared & be heard.


At this moment, we are actively staying away from defining the "outcome or output" of the project, other than it being a publicly (but anonymously) shared storytelling project. The stories will be focused on how women are affected by their abuse, and how they are dealing & struggling with it in their adult lives. While details of the event will be shared - to show how often this happens and how close to home these perpetrators can be - these details will be kept to a minimum. 

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