Future of urban retail

What is the future of urban retail?

Everything is digital today, even the experience of shopping. But now we want to connect to the physical again, step away from the virtual. What if e-commerce were to exist in the form of a pop-up? In this four month long project, we researched, ideated and prototyped a new type of pop-up, where art met interactive shopping!


People in cafes, on the streets of New York, friends, social media experts - they gave us our first insights into what social commerce is. It is summarized in this video:


Art meets interactive shopping. Our pop-up is a glass house, in a park, which you can visit. You watch Steve and Emily live their life in the house, and bid on all of their items. Every item you can see in the house is up for auction, and when sold, the couple replenishes via online shopping.


Is it feasible? We prototyped to test. Bidders came to watch and buy items from Steve's & Emily's kitchen as they had lunch.