Hi, I'm Mansi

I am a design strategist, storyteller and entrepreneur. I have designed games to research women’s reproductive health habits in Indian villages. I have piloted interventions to reduce open defecation in urban India. I have built my own sustainable product brand, TRMTAB. I have worked alongside some of the best creative minds at Google, Mother New York and the School of Visual Arts. I have seen the messy realities of an Indian factory while managing their product development & design team. In a previous life, I have taught computer science to kids using robots and written long papers on developing economies. While creativity is at my core, my reliability makes sure that I get things done. 

I am from the industrial city of Kanpur in North India, where I grew up around leather manufacturing facilities. I have also spent time living in the Himalayas, San Francisco, London, New York, Mumbai and the Philadelphia area.

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I'm always up to meet/chat/collaborate. Do get in touch: mg@mansigupta.com